Kokoiro -today’s color-

7月に放送された朝日放送の「ココイロ」のビデオをいただいてきたので早速変換してYoutubeにアップップ♪ご存知、紀ノ川で飛ぶ!パラグライダースクール、UPネストがばっちり紹介されてま~す。...Read more

Cherry-blossom viewing? No, it’s snow-see viewing

予報通り爆風、、、でもってそれはないよぉ~のまさかの雪!?夕方からバラバラと降りだして真冬に逆戻り…...Read more

Balipara on Facebook

I'm exciting now! We showed Facebook page of Balipara. Let's make celebration!...Read more

Poison3 arrivaled

'Tetsu' of the representative Gain arrives with Poison3 and Cayenne3 today! For a strong wind, We became the rise up meeting in this morning....Read more

Tandem flight

予報通りというか、期待に反してというか、、、北風予報のはずだったのが、エリアに着いてみると東絡みでローター巻き巻き。オーバーキャストのコンディションで寒いし、正面から入ってくる期待も薄い。。。午後からは強くなる予報だったので午前中勝負と思ってたのに(泣)...Read more

Sigma 8 release

I have some rise-up recently because a test ride machine of released sigma 8 came. High efficiency considerable in specifications on the heels of omega 8 and previous reputation. For two size over and a strong wind, it is sure that it is the wing which is good though I was not able to realize it....Read more

Fitst flignt with my new DELTA

Today is fist flight with my new glider in condition good at all by weather like the spring warmly.The blue that the coloring melts into it in the sky....Read more

DELTA has come!

My new glider 'DELTA' has come on last saturday! Wind was so strong on that day and I do only rise up because it was the condition that cannot be blown off unfortunately. The weather of the end of this week clears. Is that I may fly with my new glider...?...Read more
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